Coax Cable RG-58 A/U MIL C-17G, 50 Ohm, original CEAM, with crimped connectors and Choke, length 10 meters

This is a cable you can rely on: the producer is Italian (CEAM), not Chinese, the cable is RG-58 A / U MIL standard C-17, and the connectors are crimped in a professional manner, not welded (no cold welding and intermittent short circuits  ...)

The cable length is 10 meters.

The connector from the antenna side is a classic UHF / PL259, suited to our antenna Trekking MK2; from the side of the transmitter, a BNC connector is installed and is included the reduction BNC to PL259, so it can be used with virtually all the transmitters.

Close to the BNC connector (transmitter side) a choke for the RF, consisting of 5 ferrites Fair-Rite stopped with Mouser heat shrink tubing is installed.

The Choke will block
Common Mode currents that would otherwise fall into the transmitter, creating all kinds of problems.

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