Model 4114 - 4:1 Current Balun 1.5 - 54MHz 5kW


If you run high power, but need to erect your antenna with a leg over or near your house, barn, garage, metal building/roof or other structure, this is the balun of choice. Our unique design provides increased power handling, doubles the choking impedance and isolation while retaining the forgiving properties of single core designs.  This balun is an excellent step up from the model 4113 and not sensitive to reflected RF like the model 4115. 


If you use ladder line or twin lead for your antenna, this balun can be installed remotely allowing you to run a short length of coax into your tuner or transceiver.This type of installation will keep stray RF (common to ladder line) out of your shack while retaining the low loss efficiency of ladder line for your antenna.

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