Model 4132 - 4:1 Unun for Multiband Verticals and Random Wires, 2kW


This is the single core version designed for use with wire verticals, random length long wires and monopole verticals. Wound on a single core for 2 Kw power applications, this unun delivers efficient broadband performance and good power handling across all HF frequencies. Works well with both internal transceiver and external antenna tuners.  The model 4132u is designed primarily for the Eagle One multiband vertical but can be used anywhere two SO-239 connectors are desired.

This unun is an excellent match for any of the 43 and 31-33 foot multiband verticals including the S9, ZeroFive, MFJ, Eagle One  and DX Engineering vertical antennas allowing the use of moderate to high power.

NOTE: For ground mounted vertical installations, the "s" model (4132s) is strongly recommended. 

Although many customers report very good performance using just a single ground rod, the best performance will come from using at least 4+ ground radials or several elevated radials. In a temporary or emergency situation, a single counterpoise can be used when cut to approximately 1/4 wavelength of the lowest operating frequency.

Ununs are intended for use with unbalanced antennas such as verticals and long wires. 
They will not work with balanced designs such as dipoles or loops and use with a balanced antenna may cause erratic operationand/or damage to the unit.

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